Updates on COVID-19 Related Operations

See below our latest statements and procedures.

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Update: March 10, 2021

Hello friends and clients, 


Devin & Flavio here, in the current state of stress and uncertainty we hope that you are staying safe and doing well and are here to deliver some much-needed updates and info about what we have been doing since April 1, 2020 on behalf of You Name It Tours and O’scursions. 


We’ve worked through some formidable challenges in the past, but the wake of the Corona Virus is unique since it has impacted not just us, but all of you. Putting a lot of stock in our exceptional customer service and our friendly relationships has made it difficult to deliver news that isn’t chock full of Florida Sunshine, but behind all the Holiday magic we offer here in Orlando is just a Father-Daughter duo doing all the normal business functions that make it possible.



With the official orders from Governor DeSantis, we knew that all our new plans for this year would have to be put on hold so we could pay closer attention to cancellations & reschedules. Since 70% of our income comes from the next 4 months of the year, with a sharp decrease in the winter, we decided to seek small business assistance to be able to support the spike in refund requests. Immediate Reimbursements would certainly not be possible without our normal business operations or financial assistance from COVID relief efforts.

Our efforts over the past year:

-Directed everyone to our email inbox to make sure all requests were properly documented (Facebook Messenger is not as secure)

-Applied for numerous small business relief packages to supply requested refunds ASAP

-Abided by all shelter-in-place orders

-Florida is open for business.  (counties established their own policies as well as attractions.)


Our immediate efforts:

-Resume tours and excursions with appropriate reopening phases. These will be limited tours based on availability

-Take reservations and reschedules for future dates

-Keeping you informed

What you can expect:

-Written refund & cancellation policies attached to all booking confirmations

-Refunds processed in order of the date we received the request (queue numbers will be issued by e-mail so there will be a small idea of how soon you can expect it)

-Practicing Safety & Health with our guides and drivers (masks, hand-sanitizing, and surface disinfectant)


As we look to the future, we want to offer an open invitation to make suggestions or ask questions-- anything that will help us better understand each other or simply let you feel heard and validated. We want to listen. In business you’re not supposed to apologize, but we are sorry that we couldn’t be more prepared to meet your needs. 


Thanks for hearing us out, it is never easy to come to you all with anything other than a smile. But we believe in honesty and doing the right stuff, 


Devin & Flavio Morrissiey

You Name It Tours 


Cancellation & Reschedule Processing

Need to Reschedule?

Rescheduling is simple, we can look you up by name, email, or booking ID and adjust your tour dates and times to fit your new Holiday schedule without affecting the price of your tour.

With many Holidays affected by COVID-19 lock down orders, we are being as flexible as we can, sometimes even opening our availability to dates and times previously unavailable. 

Email Us now to reschedule!

Need to Cancel?

It is not complicated to cancel a tour if your Holiday has been completely canceled without future travel dates in sight.

If you have made a payment towards your reservations, with simply need to know how to transfer the funds, and have a quick-fill form below

As of now here are the following options:

-Use payments toward credit for a future tour. Credit is without expiration and can be applied to any of our available tours or services.

-Receive a refund through paypal (we will take care of the $2 international transfer fee). 

-Have funds placed back onto the original payment card.

When can I expect to see a refund?

As of May 22nd, 2020, we have placed refund requests on a queue system. Refunds will be processed in the order that they were received over the next 4 months. See our Latest Update and Supplemental Information to better understand the reasoning behind this process. 

Services Currently Available

We are taking bookings for all tours and services for Fall 2020 and on, and are keeping a close eye on reopening phases to see which tours we can offer right now. 

Airport Transportation

Beach Transportation (Cocoa & Clearwater)

All other miscellaneous transportation

Supplemental Info

We understand that we have already failed to provide the excellent customer service we strive for, but we don't want to stop trying to improve. One way we have decided to strengthen that service is through better communication. It might help to know a little bit more about us as a business, and why we operate the way we do. 

Everyone is struggling during this pandemic. There are still mouths to feed and bills to pay, and while some companies are giving leniency, others are not. And to make matters worse, there is no work for people to earn an income. We understand why it is so urgent to cancel any frivolous expenditures and seek refunds for any travel plans that will not be happening or can't happen now that we have to tighten our belts. 

Every winter, business in Orlando drops off heavily. We are a tourist town after all. And as a small business operating for just 5 years (Est. April 1st, 2015), we rely on the Spring Break boom in March that gives us the revenue we need to survive the winter. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 11.25.37 PM.pn

Since Governor DeSantis called for the state-wide Lock Down, we realized we would not be able to financially keep up with the great number of cancellations sure to come in such a short amount of time (especially after 3 months of low business activity) and immediately started seeking small business financial relief that was available. 

Soon after announcements of relief bills and small business loans were announced (April 3rd), the first round of funding ran out, many of the funds being released to large companies. 


After some time, the second round of funding was opened, but priority was given to businesses essential in nature (think agriculture and health.

Failing to acquire this federally funded assistance, we tried to get creative about applying to state-funded programs, which are heavily backlogged. With so much time having passed, we needed a solution for all the customers patiently waiting for updates and information about their refunds. 

To us, the only solution was to increase our own revenue and honor the reimbursements as soon as we could get the funds. 

It seemed rude to reopen and start taking reservations without informing our current customers, but now that we have everything in place we plan to fully reopen, take reservations, and have a successful summer. 

A successful summer meaning, all customers receive 100% refunds as soon as possible, our tour guides safely driving you from place to place on Holiday, and having you feel safe and confident in us as a business.

With many larger companies going out of business or not issuing refunds, we want you to know that you are our priority. We value the trust you put in us when you give us your business, and it is our mission to make sure we deliver the best customer service and product that we can.

All of our contact information is below, and all we want is to stay in communication and hear what you have to say. Please feel free to email us with questions or concerns or suggestions and even if you are upset with us let us know. We are thankful for your patience and understanding but also want your frustrations and disappointments to be validated.