Orlando Magic Home Games Are For Everyone

Orlando Magic games are now accessible to travelers staying in the International Drive District, locals looking to enjoy a game without worrying about driving and parking, small groups, large groups, friends, and enemies. Everyone's at home, at an Orlando Magic Game O'scursion.

You Name It Tours & O'scursions handles the tickets, drop off, pick up, and provides drinks with every game!





Visiting The Amway Arena

The Amway Arena is in the heart of Downtown Orlando, on Church Street. Home to many of Orlando's concerts, events, and sports games, they also are home to the Orlando Magic Basketball Team. 

Food and Drinks

There are dozens of bars, restaurants, and concessions within the arena. Grab a beer for yourself, a lemonade for the kids, and split a few tacos from Orlando's famed Gringos Locos

Pre-Game Activities

It's always best to get to the game a little early so you can find your seats, shop around, and find a nice balcony to look over Downtown Orlando. There is also a kid's play area, a small exhibit featuring some of the Orlando Magic Players history and background, a visitor's center so you can learn more about Orlando, and shopping of course.

Can I bring my coolers, megaphones, and luggage to the Arena?

Sorry, no megaphones, but you are allowed smaller bags and purses. No backpacks, selfie sticks, outside drinks, or Cameras with large professional lenses. There is no metal detector, but be ready to have your bag checked. 

What's Included

  • Printed Ticket for Admission to the Basketball Game

  • Transportation

    • Pick Up from one of 4 designated locations​

    • Return to one of 4 designated locations after the game

  • 2 Free Pints of Domestic Draft​

    • Or 2 free sodas for persons under 21 years of age​

Booking your B-Ball Game

The NBA prices their games based on a tiered system. To guarantee your reservations when you book them, make sure you are selecting the right ticket price based on the Tier of the match. We follow suit and adjust or prices proportionately based on the tier of the game.

Press a Booking Button to be taken to our secure booking platform. There you can choose the date of the game, provide a deposit, and receive confirmation for your reservation. All of this ensures you will have seats at the match you want to attend.

The Day of Your O'scursion

O'scursions to the Amway Center are based out of Game Changers Sports Bar & Grill. We meet you there, and provide the 2 free domestic drafts from the bar, and head out about 2 hours before the match start time. Basketball matches are broken into 12 minute quarters, but the clock is often stopped like in American Football. A 48 minute Basketball Game can easily become 2-3 hours in a professional match. An example of your itinerary might look like this:

5:10pm    Receive Tickets and complete payment

                  Depart Game Changers for Amway Arena

5:45pm    Arrive at Church Street

                  Walk across street to Amway Arena 

7:00pm    Game Starts


10:00pm  Game Ends, Depart from Pick Up location on Church Street


10:30pm  Return to  Game Changers

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