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Gator AirBoat Rides 

Experience the Central Florida Everglades on East Lake Toho.  Just minutes away from Orlando International Airport and 20 minutes from Disney or International Drive, Enjoy this 30 minute adventure or Night Time Adventure into Natural Florida seeing alligators, Everglades Kites, Sandhill Cranes, Herons, Turtles, Nature and Local Culture.  The thrill of gliding on top of water while experiencing nature at its finest.  All vessels are U.S. Coast Guard approved and all ages welcomed.  


30 minute Airboat Ride

The Orlando Eye is the tallest observation wheel on the United States East Coast, at 400 feet (122 meters).  Unlike a ferris wheel, the capsules remain stationary, without swaying, and support 360 degrees of view. Each capsule has an interactive viewing guide that shows you what you can see on the horizons, and how far away it is. The eye is a unique way to experience Orlando, and at the very least provides some great photo opportunities!

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After 5pm M-F, they begin offering alcoholic refreshments to enjoy on the 23-minute ride. On the weekends they begin serving at noon!

The capsules are large enough to house quite a few people, and you may find yourself with other travelers in your capsule. If you want one to yourself, arrive early or bring some friends. 

Sea Life Aquarium

Many of their creatures are on the endangered list, have been rescued and cannot be released into the wild or have been born and bred as part of our conservation projects. They have dozens of aquariums, some you can reach into, and one you can walk through. In a surprisingly interactive experience, get ready to learn about the anatomy of sharks, see the illuminated jellyfish, and touch the anemones!

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Some of the aquariums have embossing art presses, be sure to grab one of their booklets at the beginning so you can hunt them down and collect them all.


Don't forget to turn off your flash, it is mostly dark inside Sea Life besides the lighted aquariums. It's easy to miss a once in a lifetime picture with a huge glare on the glass.

Madame Tussauds

See the planet's most famous people and characters come alive at this famed museum. From Presidents and Pop Stars to Childhood Heroes, they have it all here. Bring your selfie sticks, folks.

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Madame Tussauds has professional wax mold artists that can make a mold of your hand, and they have a variety of colors you can dye the masterpiece. Unfortunately this activity is not included in the admission fee. 


Some of the sculptures are accompanied by costumes and props so you can play along.

The only line you ever have to wait in at the wax museum is in the Oval Office themed room where guests can tell American Presidents exactly what they think of them to their waxy faces. They sure take their time doing so, but you can walk around and come back to any part of the museum when the commotion has gone down.

I Ride Trolley

Ride the trolley up and down International Drive for two weeks with this pass. The trolley will take you anywhere between the two Premium Outlet Malls. 

If you would like to purchase just Trolley Passes, head over to our I-Ride Trolley Page.

Reserving & Purchasing Tickets

We use a secure booking platform to take ticket reservations and payments. Be prepared to provide contact information, a specific date for pick up, and a deposit to ensure your tickets will be held. You are not required to pay in full for the tickets, and the remainder of your balance can be paid on the date of pick up in cash or charged to your card on file. If you have a promotional code or discount code, you can enter it in the promo box during the booking process.

Tickets will be held for no longer than 3 days after this date if you have not placed a deposit. If you have placed a deposit and have not picked up your tickets within 2 weeks we will contact you and resolve on a case by case basis. 

Reserving tickets is recommended. We keep a small supply for walk ins, but you are not guaranteed tickets without a reservation. 

For assistance during any part of your booking process, message us on facebook @Oscursions

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For assistance during any part of your booking process, message us on facebook @Oscursions

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