International Drive is an 11.1 mile stretch of hotels, restaurants, shops, and attractions in the Universal Theme Park Area. Driving in Orlando is no easy feat, and may even be a down right waste of money if you're logging 12-hour days at the parks! The I-Ride trolley offers a convenient way to get around one of the busiest districts of Orlando, with dozens upon dozens of stops. Each end of the Trolley's route is capped by an Outlet Mall, with everything you can think of in between. 

Is the Two-Week Trolley Pass Right for you?

  • Trolley Operating Hours: 8:00am-10:30pm

  • Arrives in 15-20 minute intervals

  • Single Fares are $2 each, and must be paid in exact change

  • Only Children 2 & Under ride for free

  • Each Trolley can hold 2 wheel chairs

  • Does not transport to Disney Property

I-Ride Trolley

Getting Around International Drive


Pricing and Options

We have a variety of options for the I-Ride Trolley, but the 2 week pass will always give you the best value. However, If you the duration of your stay is just over 2 weeks, you can always pay single fares on the Trolley or order Passes for fewer days. 

Reserving Tickets is recommended, and is the only option for 1-7 day passes. Luckily, O'scursions keeps a supply of 2 week passes for walk-in customers and last-minute purchases. 

If what we offer doesn't work for you, contact us! We may be able to accommodate you.


Each Trolley Pass is activated upon its first use. Before its first use, it is inactive and is redeemable for up to 1 year. 

Children ages 2 & under do not need a Trolley Pass.


If you are using O'scursions for pick up, we will be more than happy to bring your trolley passes when we drop you off at your hotel. 

O'scursions does not operate the I-Ride Trolley, we just provide affordable tickets at a convenience to you. If you have concerns about the trolley or want to know specifics about stops and routes, visit the I-Ride Trolley Website.